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Elegant, enthralling novel.– The New York Times Luminously beautiful prose.– Telegraph - UK Markovits depicts religion's potential for both beauty and cruelty, and the inevitability of transgression. – Financial Times Stunning.– The New Yorker A captivating tale.– People Magazine
An unusual, beautifully written novel. – Stylist - UK [A] story that will resonate with anyone who's ever bucked family expectations to find their own way of life. – Markovits makes her stamp on the literary world with an ambitious, religiously-centered debut.... Richly rewards your efforts.– Entertainment Weekly - Must List Outstanding novel.– Sunday Telegraph (Seven) [A] sober, finely etched scrutiny of extreme belief. – Kirkus Reviews Anouk Markovits's portrayal of the contradictions and compromises of Hasidic faith is fascinating.– Times Literary Supplement (UK) Overall it is the powerful sense of suppressed longing among her characters that makes the book such an engrossing and affecting read.– New Humanist (UK) An incredibly powerful novel.– The Reporter Group (UK) This could have been an easy novel to write. The author could have written the story of a free spirit who broke loose from the constraints of the Haredi world and found fulfillment in the outside world, or she could have written the story of a dedicated Haredi family who stayed loyal to the tradition despite the blandishments of the outside world. If she had told either of these stories, this would have been a trite and a predictable novel. Instead, Anouk Markovits has written a novel in which we are drawn to the partial truths on both sides of the struggle. . . . I was hooked by this novel from the first page. . . . a novel that the reader will long remember. – Rabbi Jack Riemer, Jewish Ledger I Am Forbidden is a stunning novel. Written with eloquence and economy. . . .Anouk Markovits grew up in the world of Satmar Hassidim. Her writing brings to mind a poignant axiom: to make a story universal, make it very specific. In her story, the foreign words that permeate the writing add color, texture, soul, and, strangely enough, universality. Markovits' fluency in French, Yiddish, English and Hungarian helps her to flesh out these characters, as they journey through the chaos of 20th century Europe . . . .This book is an act of courage and literary prowess.– Washtenaw Jewish News Best Read A compelling read . . . . Markovits's ability to bring to life the maddening and heart-wrenching struggle of Mila and Josef as they are torn between religious duty and human emotion is absorbing from beginning to end . . . . A fine addition to anyone's bookshelf.– Winnipeg Free Press I Am Forbidden opens up a hidden world to its readers. In a mix of fiction rooted in the deepest reality, it raises questions, stokes yet quells fears, and makes the reader think.– Baltimore Jewish Times Outstanding novel . . . . Markovits's characters shine through with determination and intelligence.– Historical Novel Society Instead of disrespect of easy judgment, there is generosity of spirit and delicacy of the pen. . . . This is a book absorbing as any midrash and as enlightening as a library. I feel its contribution immediately and powerfully, and am happy to have given it my time. I recommend you do the same.– Unpious Steeped in erudition– Dusiznies